How Sparkling Water Can Lower Blood Sugar

How Sparkling Water Can Lower Blood Sugar

We have all been there and know that spike and then crash and burn feeling we get after eating a high carb meal. But how can we avoid it while still enjoying some of the foods we love like pasta, bread and even cocktails.

I know it sounds to good to be true, but the makers of Good Idea Drinks, have found a solution. I had the chance to get a sample of these drinks and chat with founder Björn Öste. Keep reading to get the scoop on this sparkling water that can lower blood sugar.

Good Idea Drink

Good Idea Drink

In a nutshell, researchers found a connection between the intake of dairy and a relatively high insulin response. They found that the intake of whey before and with a meal rich in fast carbohydrates could substantially lower the blood sugar spike following a meal.

The effect was also observed with protein that contained the presence of five specific essential amino acids. Repeated meal studies confirmed that the effect on insulin and glucose response from whey could be mimicked by serving a drink containing a proportion of the five essential amino acids before and with the meal.

Good Idea Drinks

Good Idea Drinks

As an additional development of the concept, a small quantity of chromium was added. Chromium is well known by scientists to have an important role in blood glucose regulation. Taken together, it was hypothesized that a combination of amino acids and chromium would have a synergistic effect that would further improve the effect on blood sugar rise.

After creating this dink the researchers studies results consistently showed a typical reduction of 25-30% in blood sugar rise following a meal rich in carbohydrates, compared to placebo.

Good Idea Drinks Nutrition

Good Idea Drinks Nutrition

To get the full details of all of the science behind the drink and results of the study can be found on the Good Idea website as well as answers to some FAQ’s.

I had a few FAQ’s of my own and after my chat with Björn here is our Q&A session.

1. How did you come up with the idea for Good Idea Drinks? After learning of the research results from Lund University our company formed a collaboration to create the dink.

2. Can it help people with diabetes? Although it is not specifically targeted for that, it would be something to ask your doctor about to see if it might be a “good idea” to include it into your diet.

3. I have heard chromium can be used as a weight loss supplement. Can Good Idea drinks be used for weight loss? It is not marketed as a weight loss tool. However, studies have shown that chromium has shown to reduce the glycemic index which makes you eat less therefore could cause weight loss.

4.  Why does it taste sweet when there is no sugar in it? It is flavored using natural flavor.

5. What exactly is “Natural Flavor”? How do you make it? Where do you get it? Great question.

6. Would it be helpful to drink while eating a dessert? Yes.

8. Would it be good to use as a mixer in cocktails, as alcohol is considered a sugar and most drinks are made with sugary mixers or juices? Yes.

This sparkling water is a little sweet and definitely has the flavor. I loved the idea of making a cocktail with it and had a bunch of limes on hand so thought I would take a stab at creating a “Good Idea” Mojito.

Although, this mojito recipe does not have any actual sugar in it, this flavored sparkling water will help the spike caused by the sugars in the alcohol or added sugars should you decide to sweeten it up yourself. Details on how to do that are listed in the directions of the recipe.

mojito garnished

The Good Idea Mojito

I wish to thank Good Idea Drinks for the sample. For more information on the drinks or how to purchase them visit the Good Idea website.

Cover photo from Good Idea.








You Can Have It by Chef Devin Alexander

You Can Have It by Chef Devin Alexander

Celebrity Chef Devin Alexander is no stranger to the struggle of being overweight. As a teenager Devin tipped the scales at 200 pounds and was headed down the path to become the culprit of many diseases.

Learning to cook from her grandmother, Devin started cooking up a storm putting a healthy twist on the foods she loved which helped her shed 70 pounds. Now the author of nine cookbooks, Devin shares the knowledge and recipes to help you shed the extra pounds as well without sacrificing the flavors you love.

Devin Alexander

Devin Alexander You Can Have It

Her newest cookbook, You Can Have It!, features diabetic friendly recipes that the whole family will love.

I have both a father-in-law and a niece who suffer from diabetes so when I got the opportunity to check out this book, I could not say no.  I love to be able to make things they can eat when they visit.

Although this cookbook is labeled diabetic friendly, you would never know as the book features recipes that include pizza, burgers, tacos, sandwiches, cocktails and even dessert.

Curry Chicken Salad Cups Recipe Devin Alexander

Curry Chicken Salad Cups Recipe Devin Alexander

I recently made her recipes for Gingerbread Overnight Oats and Curry Chicken Salad Cups. Both of which were quite tasty!

Overnight Oats

Gingerbread Overnight Oats by Chef Devin Alexander

I am looking forward to trying many more recipes out of the book including the pulled chicken tacos, rosemary beef stew, spinach salad with warm bacon dressing, perfect pumpkin pie-lets, and champagne blackberry chillers plus a few more.

One of the most things I really liked about this cookbook is that includes the everyday recipes that are easy to make without a long list of unheard of crazy ingredients.


Devin has quite the resume from restaurateur to hosting her own cooking show with numerous television and radio appearances in between. You can read more about Devin and her accolades along with information on all her cookbooks at the Devin Alexander website.

©2018 by the American Diabetes Association. You Can Have It! is available at, in bookstores nationwide, or by calling 1-800-232-6733. Food Photographer: Mittera Creative Services; Lifestyle Photographer: Michelle Pederson






Planetarians Sunflower Chips a High Protein Snack

Planetarians Sunflower Chips a High Protein Snack

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a product but when I received an email offering a sample of these high protein Planetarians Sunflower Chips, my interest was peaked.  The email noted, “Planetarians is developing high protein snacks for growing population from by-products of the food industry, without the need to grow more crops.”

I was like what? How does that work? I am always looking for a snack high in protein that doesn’t contain nuts so I asked for a sample.

Turns out, the chips are made from sunflower meal which is the by-product from the production of sunflower oil.  It’s referred to as an oil cake, which contains both protein and fiber.

I’m kinda on this kick about how much food waste is in our country. Although, there is not much one can do once the food is delivered to the masses, founder Aleh Manchuliantsau explains on the Planetarians website, that using by-products from the production of products (how’s that for a tongue twister) is a good place to start. I like his approach and hope there are others that will follow in his footsteps.


Planetarian Sunflower Chips


Now, back to the chips. Planetarians Sunflower Chips come in three flavors. Firey Sriracha, Sweet and Smokey BBQ and Sweetly Cinnamon. I got two packages of each in my sample pack. I’ve tried all three flavors and have to say they are all pretty good.

The crunchy texture of these bite-sized squares are a little grainy, but I wouldn’t say its bad, just different. Especially if you are expecting it to be like a greasy potato chip. They are definitely thicker, which makes them a hearty little snack.


Planetarian Sunflower Chips

I love sunflower seeds and sunflower butter. I would say these have a hint of sunflower seed taste but with the flavoring added you taste mostly that. The flavoring of the Sweet and Smokey BBQ definitely reminded me of the GUYS brand barbecue potato chips, which I haven’t had for years! These were a real a treat that brought back some fun memories of my youth! The Sriracha was not that fiery but had a good spicy flavor. I would say the Sweetly Cinnamon reminded me of the cinnamon and sugar toast I used to eat as a kid.


Planetarian Sunflower Chips


I try to eat pretty good most of the time and am always looking for healthier snack that is easy to take on the go. They do have some sugar in the seasoning, but they also contain protein and fiber, which is a little hard to find in crunchy snacks these days. Each flavor differs and you can find all the ingredients and nutritional information here.

Planetarian Sunflower Chips


My bottom line on these would be that although, the texture is not quite that of a potato chip, it does satisfy when you are craving that crunch. The taste satisfies when you craving something salty with the Sweet and Smokey BBQ and Fiery Sriracha flavors, while the Sweetly Cinnamon can cure a sweet tooth.

I would also consider these a transitioning food/snack. By that I mean if you are trying to eat healthier but still like some junk food, replace you snack attack item with Planetarians. It will satisfy the crunch and flavor you are craving while giving you a little more nutrition. If you have some young children or even not so young, try substituting these in place of their other chips and snacks and see if they like them. The pre-portioned packets make them super easy to grab on the go or throw in a lunch box.

If you are interested in trying Planetarians Sunflower Chips for yourself or family, the company is offering 25% off the 1st purchase on Amazon using code: 25cycled

Feel free to comment below if you have tried these and how you liked them.

Happy Snacking!




Look Gorgeous with Minimal Effort using Mineral Fusion Makeup

Look Gorgeous with Minimal Effort using Mineral Fusion Makeup

Products from the Mineral Fusion Makeup Line available at Whole Foods Market, will keep you looking gorgeous with minimal effort.

The Mineral Fusions company is based in Denver, CO and they make skin care and cosmetics (in the USA) that are free of gluten, parabens, talc, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SLS, and phthalates. They’re also committed to sustainability and utilize wind power, soy inks, packaging from recycled materials and packaging that is recyclable.

I am a huge fan of Mineral Fusion and use quite a bit of their products so when the chance came to write about them as a Whole Foods Ambassador, I decided to share with you my favorite Mineral Fusion products.

#1 Hydrating Primer. My dry skin loves this primer. It smoothes and evens my skin tone and allows my foundation to glide on smoothly for a flawless look.


#2. Lash Curling Mascara. The curved brush on this lash lengthening mascara separates and defines lashes and is made with a hypo allergenic formula.

mineral mascara

#3 Lip Pencil. I use this lip pencil to line my lips and also use it to fill in as a base layer under my shear moisture lip tint which come in at number four.


#4 Sheer Moisture Lip Tint. This sheer lip tint adds shine and color without drying out my lips.

mineral liptint

#5 Nail Polish. With 61 shades to choose from that are free from formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl, phthalates and camphor, this polish is long lasting and goes on streak free.

mineral polish

These products with just a touch of foundation and blush can give you a glamorous look with minimal effort.

Whole Foods Market is committed to carrying products that are up to their body care standards and Mineral Fusion fits the criteria. You can check out their standards here along with a list of 400 unacceptable ingredients that cannot be in any of their body care products.

Whole Foods Market carries the Mineral Fusions Makeup line and now for a limited time you can pick up this Whole Foods exclusive eye shadow palette that includes six neutral colors, eye shadow brush and eye pencil.

mineral pallette


Disclosure: Whole Foods Market provided me with some samples of the Mineral Fusion products and gift card, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Word Addiction Game App

Word Addiction Game App

word ad4

I will admit I am a Words with Friends junkie, so when I got contacted to try the new Word Addiction game app, I was very intrigued to see how it worked. After downloading the app and playing a few games,  I decided to do a little research about the game. It turns out the game was recently developed by a lady in Washington, Missouri, a suburb just outside of the St. Louis metro.

This is a girl after my own heart as she is a WWF addict as well as avid scrabble player. Word addiction is an elevated rendition of the other popular word games but takes the challenge a step further by offering a variety of boards to choose from, the ability to start a word wherever you choose and bridges and blocks to detour opponents from scoring more points.

Games can be played with a friend, a random opponent or solitaire.

word ad1
I currently have all three types of matches going on at the moment. My phone is quite full of game apps as I like to play to pass the time when we travel. I really like the solitaire option of this game as it can be played while the phone is in airplane mode or when I’m looking for something to pass the time while waiting on an opponent to take their turn.


If you like scrabble or other word games similar to that, i would suggest you give word addiction a try. Download the app and then come find me under sharminmeadows.

word ad3

I look forward to playing you soon!



Giveaway ~ $25 Gift Card to Scooter’s Coffee

Giveaway ~ $25 Gift Card to Scooter’s Coffee


Up for grabs is a $25 gift card to Scooter’s Coffee so if you are a caffeine junkie keep on reading on how to enter.

Scooters recently gave me a $25 gift card to try out their new organic iced teas and now it’s your turn to get your hands on a $25 gift card to Scooters so you can try them for yourself.


I have to admit I am not a huge iced tea fan but I had the chance to stop into scooters after day of shopping and the tropical hibiscus iced tea I tried recently was refreshing and sweet and unexpectedly delicious.


It is not overly sweet and has a little tartness to it. To enter the $25 gift card giveaway to try the teas for yourself just comment below on what your favorite ice tea flavor is or what you love about iced tea.


Contest will be open for one week and winner will be drawn at random by  Contest ends midnight, July 1, 2016. Winner will be notified via email so be sure to leave a valid email address with your entry.  Good Luck and thanks for entering.