Local Products

This page is a listing of different businesses in the Kansas City area that make or sell local products. Hopefully with this information, the next time you are at the store or in need of particular item or ingredient this list will help you buy local and keep your dollars in KC! It is a work in progress as the food scene in KC is changing daily. If you have a great food find in Kansas City that you think should be on this list please contact us.

BBQ Sauces

Firebug Grill’n BBQ Sauce

Gates BBQ Sauce

Zarda BBQ Sauce

Arthur Bryant’s BBQ Sauce

Caribbean Cowboy

MrDoggity Foods

Sauces, Jellies, Dips, Condiments, Mixes

Chef Mark’s Kitchen

Rabbit Creek Mixes

Jan’s Organic World

Meadowlark Acres

Copper Leaf Gourmet


Nina’s Fine Foods

The Tasteful Olive

Olive Tree

Bettah Buttah

Zim’s Hot Sauce

Nuts, Granola, Snacks

Hippie Chow Granola

Nut Nation

Missouri Northern Pecan Growers

Savory Addictions

Breads, Sweets and Treats

Meadowlark Acres

Jude’s Kansas City Rum Cake

Cowtown Cheesecake Company

Oishii Studio Sweets

Farm to Market Bread Company

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Fresher than Fresh Snow-cones

Patric Chocolate

Tall Grass Toffee

Be Free Bakers

Cooking Connections

Sifers Valomilk

Swoon Cookie Crafters

Local Meat, Cheese and Dairy

Full Sircle Farms

Schenker Family Farms

Green Dirt Farms

Shatto Milk Company

Paradise Meat Locker

Harmony Farms

Parker Farms Natural Meats

Dodge City Beef

Totta Italian Sausage Company

Local Liquids

Soda Vie

Lost Trail Soda

Clear10 Vodka

Parisi Coffee

Roasterie Coffee

Louisburg Cider Mill

Boulevard Brewing Company

Somerset Ridge Winery

Holy-Field Vineyard and Winery

Stonhaus Farms Vineyard and Winery