Word Addiction Game App

Word Addiction Game App

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I will admit I am a Words with Friends junkie, so when I got contacted to try the new Word Addiction game app, I was very intrigued to see how it worked. After downloading the app and playing a few games,  I decided to do a little research about the game. It turns out the game was recently developed by a lady in Washington, Missouri, a suburb just outside of the St. Louis metro.

This is a girl after my own heart as she is a WWF addict as well as avid scrabble player. Word addiction is an elevated rendition of the other popular word games but takes the challenge a step further by offering a variety of boards to choose from, the ability to start a word wherever you choose and bridges and blocks to detour opponents from scoring more points.

Games can be played with a friend, a random opponent or solitaire.

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I currently have all three types of matches going on at the moment. My phone is quite full of game apps as I like to play to pass the time when we travel. I really like the solitaire option of this game as it can be played while the phone is in airplane mode or when I’m looking for something to pass the time while waiting on an opponent to take their turn.


If you like scrabble or other word games similar to that, i would suggest you give word addiction a try. Download the app and then come find me under sharminmeadows.

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I look forward to playing you soon!