El Dorado Casitas Royale ~ River Maya, Mexico

El Dorado Casitas Royale ~ River Maya, Mexico

A stay at the El Dorado Casitas Royale will sweep you away to paradise. Hubby and I vacationed there a few months ago and oh my was it heaven! I can’t really call this post a review as there was no compensation involved so I will refer to it as an experience.  If you are looking into staying at the resort, I hope this experience will help you make your decision. Please feel free to reach out to me by commenting below or sending an email if you have any questions.

The El Dorado Casitas Royale is part of the Karisma Gourmet Inclusive line of resorts. The Gourmet Inclusive resorts take pride in the food served.  Most fresh herbs, fruits and vegetable are grown on site to ensure freshness, quality and of course taste. There is tour available to visit the on-site green houses and gardens.

Locally sourced meats and fish are served when available and unique ingredients are imported from the country of origin. For instance in the Italian restaurant on the property, the ingredients used in the house-made pasta are imported in from Italy.

With so many restaurants to choose from it is best to stay a week so you can try them all. Not one of them dissapointed and each of them serve such artfully plated food that it can almost be to pretty to eat.

In addition, the resort has what I have called “Foodie Experiences” and must not be missed.


Foodie Experience one is the Fuentes Culinary Theater.

This live action cooking demonstration hosted by the Chef and Sommelier will ignite all of your senses with a 5 course dinner with wine parings.

Foodie Experience two is the Chefs Table.

Tucked away in the back of D’ Italia there is a private room awaiting to indulge your senses. You will interact one on one with the chef as he prepares a special and unique menu just for you.

The food at this meal was some of the best I have ever had and even made me a fan of goose liver. Who new it could be so good!

At one point there were three chefs preparing house-made sorbets and syrups to create a stunning masterpiece of a dessert.

Reservations must be made for all of the restaurants and experiences, so it is best to get with the concierge upon arrival and book all of your reservations for the duration of your stay. Here is a listing of all of the restaurants and descriptions of each.

Now to the accommodations.  The resort is divided into two sections with the Casistas being a little more secluded. Access to personal concierge service is included when staying at the Casitas as well.  It is a little farther to walk to some of the amenities such as fitness center and theater but having the selection of beach front beach beds was heavenly. There is also a golf cart type shuttle available to get you to and from if needed.

I cannot comment on other accommodations other than the room we had which was lovely. Upon arrival there was champagne chilling on the table.

The room was spacious and very accommodating.

The bathroom features an indoor and outdoor shower so that speeds up the process for two people getting ready at once.

Our room had a small private pool area along with seating for lounging.

Speaking of lounging, my favorite place was the beach front beach beds. It seemed my day consisted of hubby getting up early to grab us a bed while I did morning yoga overlooking the ocean. On the way back I would grab a protein shake made with fresh tropical fruit and lounge the morning away overlooking the ocean.

By the time lunch rolled around it was time for a tropical drink and then maybe a seaside nap. Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for dinner.

Now by all means, you do not have to be lazy like me if adventure is your thing.  The resort offers plenty of activities, excursions and a tequila tasting featuring unique and local tequilas.

I was most pleased with our stay. All of the staff were courtesy and friendly. The grounds, rooms and venues were clean and well kept. After writing this and reliving it through the photos, I am ready to go back!


Happy Traveling!