Sugared Cranberries and Rosemary

Sugared Cranberries and Rosemary

Nothing says holiday more than the vibrant red cranberries and green sprigs of rosemary. Cover them with a frosty coating of sugar to give an icy look and they make a beautiful display to add to your holiday cheese tray, dessert tray or my fabulous holiday sangria.

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The recipe is super simple. I have added some measurements to give you an idea but it is easy to eye ball it.


1 package fresh cranberries

1 package fresh rosemary

corn syrup

white granulated sugar.

Cranberries: Place cranberries in large bowl.  Drizzle 3 – 4 tablespoons corn syrup over cranberries and toss to coat.  Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Sprinkle 1/4 cup sugar evenly on parchment. line cranberries over sugar on baking tray. Sprinkle another 1/4 cup sugar over top of cranberries. Gently shake pan to evenly coat cranberries in sugar.  Let set 20 minutes or until sugar is dry.

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Rosemary: Fill paper plate with 1/4 cup corn syrup. Fill another paper plate with 1/4 sugar. Take fresh rosemary and lightly dip into corn syrup then coat in sugar. Lay on parchment to dry.

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Rosemary Goat Cheese with Honey

Rosemary Goat Cheese with Honey

This rosemary goat cheese with honey appetizer is perfect for the holidays or any day for that matter. The combination of the salty goat cheese, sweet honey and distinct taste of rosemary is so good! The presentation on this can be done as one large cheese ball, log or small individual balls.  I have done it both ways. You should be able to get about 12 medium size balls.  You can always make them smaller to go further.



Rosemary Goat Cheese

1 10.5 oz goat cheese

2-3  sprigs fresh rosemary, chopped (reserve one whole sprig for garnish)

3/4 cup chopped almonds or pecans or favorite nut

honey to taste

Mix rosemary and goat cheese together.

Rosemary Goat cheese

Rosemary Goat cheese

Scoop cheese mixture onto a piece of plastic wrap and shape into one large ball or log and chill about 15-20 minutes.



Remove cheese from plastic wrap and coat all sides with chopped nuts of choice pressing them gently into the cheese so they stick.

If you choose to make individual balls there is no need to shape in plastic and refrigerate. Just portion out a heaping tablespoon and shape into ball and then roll and nut mixture to coat entire ball pressing in nuts to make them stick.


This rosemary goat cheese can be made up to 12 house in advance so at this point you may place the nut covered cheese in the fridge. For the balls choose a large enough storage container that you can arrange the cheese balls in a single layer. The large ball or log can be stored in an airtight container or even wrapped in plastic wrap.


Arrange cheese on serving platter and drizzle with honey just before serving.


Sprinkle remaining nuts on top and garnish with fresh rosemary sprig. Serve with crackers. The leftovers are delicious to crumbled on top of a salad the next day.