Virtual Reality Comes Alive at Verizon Wireless

Virtual Reality Comes Alive at Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has all a plethora of technology including the new Virtual Reality glasses. I recently had the chance to visit one of their smart stores and was amazed of all the fun gadgets and gizmos available to make living fun, safe and easy.

The Verizon Wireless Smart Store is divided into different zones where you will find items to make your home smarter, get your body fitter, enjoy surround sound, make your car safer and more!

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I have to tell you about are the new Virtual Reality glasses. These things are crazy! I have never experienced anything like it. The glasses allow you to play games, watch movies, experience deep sea diving, watch a theater performance and more.


With my experience I went swimming with sharks and watched Circus Soleil. The virtual reality is a 360 degree experience. In Circus Soleil you find your self sitting in a theater with cast member performing on stage. Look to the right and left and you will see cast members sitting beside you and when you turn around the entire theater is behind you.

While swimming with the sharks when you look up you can see the sun reflecting on the top of the water, look below and you see the the bottom of the sea. Looking left and right your surrounded by an array of sea life.  You can check out my reaction here.

Stop by the closest Verizon  Wireless smart store nearest you to check them out yourself along with all the other fun gizmos and gadgets they have!