Featuring Live Nude Vegetables.

Now that January is upon us and many of you including myself, have made a resolution to eat a little better, I have decided to commit some of January’s posts to include some of Kansas City’s healthy food finds. The first one is about BADSEED Friday Night Farmers Market.

BADSEED is an urban/organic farm and market celebrating local food, culture, and community.

Farmers Brooke Salvaggio & Daniel Heryer grow 125 varieties of heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herbs on a 2.5 acre lot in Kansas City. They use “beyond organic” cultivation practices including extensive companion planting to promote bio-diversity, and the integration of animals for pest management and fertility.

The “fruits of their labor” can be purchased every Friday night at the Funky Farmers Market in downtown KC.

I have had the chance to go to the market a few times this year. Earlier this summer I got a delectable salad mix called “Red Velvet Lovers Mix” an “all-red” gourmet salad mix with ruby hints of rainbow chard, bronze fennel, purple basil, and edible nasturtium blossoms. I also picked up some local strawberries and goat cheese. The combination of ingredients made the most incredible salad.

This fall I was able to pick up an assortment of locally grown goodies which included some figs, honey, apples, flour and sweet, potatoes. There were also locally grown hatch chiles that were smoked. The flavor of these chiles is intense. I got a Ziploc bag full and have them in the freezer. I have been adding them to my chili, enchiladas, tacos and anything else that needs a little bit of heat. They are not too hot, but have a smoky flavor that really adds some depth to the dish.

Right now, there is an array of winter vegetables available and BADSEED sells these alongside an array of local and organic producers from the Kansas City metro area which include: Green Dirt Farms, Wells Family Farms, KC Community Farms, Western Hills Produce, Bigg Blue Farm, PJ’s Mushroom Farm, Parker Farms, Bread Of Life Bakery and Puddin’ Head Coffee.

Offerings include farm-fresh produce, gourmet mushrooms, free-range eggs, all natural meats, artisan cheeses, breads and baked goods, wheat grass shots, and micro-roasted fair-trade coffee.

Other goodies include: raw honey,Kombucha Mushroom Tea (Brooke’s home brew) and Certified Organic Flour from Heartland Mill.

The 2011 Winter Market Schedule is every Friday night, 4-8 PM (runs now thru Feb. 25th)
The 2011 Summer Market Schedule will run May – November.

Just to give you an idea of the goodies you will have to look forward to this coming year at BADSEED the 2010 growing season included:
* A wide selection of mind-boggling HEIRLOOM TOMATOES
* Meaty, Sweet & Spicy PEPPERS
* Delicious CUCUMBERS for slicing or pickling
* Bountiful bunches of multicolored SWISS CHARD, KALE and COLLARDS
* Tender purple, red and orange CARROTS
* The sweetest blood-red, striped, and golden BEETS
* Savory bulb FENNEL
* Weird and wonderful HEIRLOOM WINTER SQUASH
* Delicate and delicious LETTUCE HEADS
* Pristine and Peppery ARUGULA
* Fat juicy CABBAGE
* Fresh or dried FAVA BEANS
* Dried KIDNEY BEANS and buttery LIMAS
* Culinary and Medicinal HERBS
* Gorgeous European and Japanese EGGPLANT
* Robust green and purple BROCCOLI
* Rare and colorful SWEET POTATOES
* Delectable salad TURNIPS
* Organic APPLES
* Gourmet, multi-colored Fingerling and full-size POTATOES
* Sweet and Pungent specialty ONIONS & GARLIC

I have gotten wind that some other things are in store for 2011. As soon as I get the scoop, I will let you know.

Badseed Farmers Market

1909 McGee Street, KCMO, 64108

Let BADSEED help you keep your resolution.

In Good Taste,