What a sweet way to send the very best.

Best Regards is a bakery that specializes in gourmet gift baskets and has been around for about 18 years. What makes them special to me and this blog is that they are from the KC metro area, Olathe, KS to be exact. Another reason is that their products are amazingly delicious.

Robert and Cherrie Duensing, owners of Best Regards, stumbled into the cookie business by accident. After 9/11 hit they found that many of the manufacturers they used were changing recipes to cut costs. They felt that this caused some quality decrease, and did not want to send out those products in their gift baskets.

They realized that to meet the high standards they had for memorable taste and quality they were going to have to make their own. They obsessively worked on new cookies, one recipe at a time, searching for the best ingredients they could find without regard to costs. Over the last eight years they have perfected well over 20 different cookies.

As luck would have it my hubby was in Olathe the other day, so I told him to go by and get some items from Best Regards for me to sample, and if they were good I would write about them. Obviously things were pretty darn tasty because here I am blogging away.

If you have read some of the other posts on here you know I love key lime. When I heard their seasonal items right now are key lime products I knew I had to try them all. The key lime pound cake, key lime cookies, and key lime pie. The pound cake was my favorite, it had a sweet key lime glaze and the cake was moist. The cookie was reminiscent of a powdered sugar donut. It was wonderfully thick with the perfect balance of tart and sweet all dipped into lime powdered sugar. The pie was a perfect single-serving treat with a crunchy graham cracker crust and creamy lime filling.

A few other samples included a chocolate chip cookie that never made it home, but I was told it was good. I am guessing the driver decided he needed a tip. There was also a cranberry orange cookie which Robert says, if he had the opportunity to present a cookie to Oprah that the cranberry orange would be it.

Best Regards offers many types of gift baskets, cookie of the month club, corporate gifts and treats of all kinds including brownies, chocolates, cupcakes and more.

Best Regards offers wholesale, retail and nationwide delivery. They also have free samples of every cookie and seasonal treat available at their retail showroom and offer specials and discounts occasionally on their Facebook page.

I have to tell you that I am sold on Best Regards products. The ingredient labels read just like something that is homemade should: butter, flour, sugar, eggs etc… There was nothing I could not pronounce or did not know what it was. No preservatives, additives or junk! With quality ingredients going in, a quality product comes out.

Next time you need a gift to send or just want some goodies, make sure and visit Best Regards. For more information on their location or to place an order online visit the Best Regards website.

Best Regards is offering a special just for What You’re Missing KC! blog followers and Facebook fans. $5.00 off of a $15 purchase good until Friday, July 16. This will be good for walk in orders (tell them you found them on What You’re Missing KC!) and internet orders. Promotion Code: “Missing”

Best Regards
6759 W. 119th St.
OP, KS 66209

In Good Taste,
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