The fun and informative show on dining and dishing!

For all those foodies who love to dine out, this show is for you. Each episode features 3 people who have recommended a restaurant. Each of the 3 try each other’s recommendations and they get together and dish about it. The fun thing about this is that if you have a favorite place you can let them know and maybe you will be chosen to give the dish on your favorite joint. This is a great way to find out about all of the wonderful metro area eateries. My list keeps getting longer and longer of all the places I would like to try because of this show. It airs on our local PBS station KCPT channel 19 Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. The new spring schedule starts March 25th. To learn more about Check, Please! KC Or about submitting your favorite spot here is the link I submitted an application earlier was chosen to give the dish on my favorite joint, Room 39. I love that place and it will have its own post soon to tell you all about it. If you can’t wait for details check them out here That episode will air April 29th.
Don’t worry if you have missed an episode you can watch it online at the KCPT website
So that is what you’re missing KC! And as always if you think there is something I am missing, Email me
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