Chichipotle caterpotle is our families favorite fast casual restaurant and I would say we frequent it at least once a week and sometimes more.  So when I got word that they now offer catering and then an email asking if I would like to try it out, I was ecstatic.

The timing was perfect as we had some family coming in town for the weekend.

Chipotle sent me a coupon to try out the “Big Spread” which feeds 20 people. It includes 3 meats of your choosing and all the accompaniments just like at the restaurant which includes; white and brown chilantro-lime rice, vegetarian black beans, pinto beans, fajita vegetables, salsas ranging from mild to hot, sour cream, guacamole, cheese and lettuce.

Then to wrap all that goodness up in, crispy taco shells, soft flour tortillas and a huge bag of their amazing tortilla chips are included as well. Chipotle also supplies all of serving supplies that include bowls, utensils, napkins, serving spoons and tongs. Also included are stands, chafing dishes, fuel and matches to keep it all warm!

chipotle spread covered

Placing the order was super easy! I just called 1-800-Chipotle and the operator on the other end took care of everything.  Knowing that most of  the family would not eat the hot salsa but that we love the corn salsa, I asked if they would sub out the  hot salsa for corn salsa and of course they were happy to do so.

1chipotle salsas2

2chipotle big spread

Picking up the order was a breeze as well and everything is packaged up in awesome reusable tote bags.

2chipotle cater bag

There were 14 of us that ate and all though we finished off the guacamole and sour cream there were plenty of leftovers that we broke out the next day. There were still beans left so I made a yummy black bean and pinto bean soup in my handy dandy Vita- Mix!

Although, I was able to try this spread out courtesy of Chipotle, I am hooked and will definitely be using Chipolte catering again using my own dime, because everything you need is included, the food is delicious and clean up is a breeze!

If you don’t have a group quite large enough to put on the “Big Spread”, Chipotle catering packages also offers a two meat spread, burritos by the box and a chips and salsa package that comes with chips, guacamole and 4 kinds of salsa.

1chipoltle brochure

I have yet to return my catering stands but will be doing it soon because if you choose to return the catering stands back to the location where you picked up your catering order, Chipotle will give a coupon for a free burrito! Currently, Chipotle Catering is only in the following areas*, but are expanding, so keep an eye out for your area. Visit for further information on all catering and menu items Chipotle offers.

• Colorado • New Mexico
• Delaware • Oklahoma
• Idaho • Utah
• Iowa** • Wisconsin***
• Kansas • Wyoming
• Missouri • Nashville Area
• Nebraska • Philadelphia Area
• Nevada
*Burritos By The Box is available everywhere.
**Excludes Davenport, IA.
***Excludes Eau Claire and Hudson, WI.