As much as I love finding local places to eat, I have to say I probably visit Chipotle twice a week. It is so good and fast and the whole family loves it!

The new Sofritas at Chipotle have been in test markets for about a year and have done so well that they have made their way to KC and are mostly available nationwide.

So you may be thinking what the heck is Sofritas?

Chipotle’s new Sofritas is shredded tofu braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos and a blend of aromatic spices made with organic, non-GMO tofu.

The new Sofritas are a great option for Vegetarians but will also satisfy the Carnivore. I am not a vegetarian but am trying to eat less meat so I have tried the Sofritas a few times now and must say they are tasty! I would compare the texture to ground turkey and the taste is similar to their chicken.

If you are not familiar with tofu, it is a great protein made out of soy but honestly does not have much flavor so the spicy seasoning really infuses the braised tofu making the Sofritas quite satisfying.

IMG_0993 copy
Sofritas are available in burritos, tacos, burrito bowls and salads. The beauty of Chipotle is you can make it your own by choosing what you like out of all the ingredients they have such as, white or brown cilantro-lime rice, pinto beans or vegetarian black beans, house-made salsas, guacamole, cheese, sour cream and more.

My go to is a burrito bowl with just a 1/2 scoop of the brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, Sofritas, mild salsa, just a dash of the medium salsa, extra corn salsa, guacamole and lettuce. Love it! I also add a few dashes of the Chipotle Tabasco!

Oh, and I also have to have a few tortilla chips. I think they must add something to the salt and lime on them that make them so addictive!

Check out the new Sofritas next time you are at Chipotle. I promise you will really like them!

In Good Taste,