Follow me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination, as I share the details of Kansas City’s Christopher Elbow Chocolate Shop. I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes tour with the Slow Foods Group of Kansas City.

The tour begin with a sampling of a chocolate liqueur and then Elbow giving us the scoop (actually two) literally, on the ice cream creations he sells at his new artisan ice cream shop Glace. Elbow showed us how he makes his Sweet Corn Ice Cream and we all had samples of it along with an Heirloom Tomato Sorbet. Elbow’s ice creams and sorbets are rich, delicious, and full of flavor made from real ingredients. To read more about his ice creams check out this post on Glace.

Now, about those chocolates… Food & Wine magazine gave the #1 ranking of their top 10 Chocolates to Christopher Elbow for the No. 6 Dark. It features 61% dark chocolate blended with popping candy to create a unique, irresistible chocolate bar. It is no wonder they did. I had no idea the detail that went into making these exquisite chocolates! Now I know why they taste so good. Some take 2,3 or even more days to make.

Elbow showed us how he makes the Passion Fruit chocolates. Ever wonder how the chocolates get those fancy designs on them? Me too!

It starts with a pre designed cocoa butter sheet or by airbrushing colored cocoa butter on the mold and letting it dry. The molds are then coated with chocolate and drained leaving a layer to form the top shell. That layer has to sit so it can harden before it is filled. Once filled another coating of chocolate is applied to make the bottom shell. This whole process takes about 3 days, but it is worth the wait!

After the demo and tastings, I got to walk through the prepping area. The shelves were full of chocolates, caramels, truffles and other goodies. In addition, there was flowing fountain of chocolate and an intoxicating aroma; it had me feeling like I was in my own Artisanal Willy Wonka land!

Well of course, I could not go home empty handed and had to get a box of those breathtakingly beautiful gems to enjoy at home. Some of the flavors I chose were Strawberry Balsamic, Rosemary Caramel, Fresh Lemon, Ginger Caramel, Peanut Butter Coconut (just to name a few). I also got a couple of the Salted Caramels, which ended up being my husband’s favorite.

Speaking of husbands… I must tell you Ladies, I would highly suggest you introduce your significant other to the wonderful world of Christopher Elbow. You may need to suggest that when he lands in the doghouse, that a peace offering might need to include a few pieces of chocolate. In fact, I think I am still owed a few pieces; I may need to send a reminder to mine!

Also Gentleman, if you are smart, it may be to your benefit to keep a secret stash of Elbow’s goodies around to pull out when the PMS monster strikes, to sooth that savage beast!

If you have not had the chance to try either one of Elbows wonderful creations (be it the chocolates, or the ice cream) you are missing out! I suggest you take some time to treat yourself. The flavors are unique and delicious. I promise you will not be sorry.

Elbows chocolates are of course available at his shop on McGee Street but some other locations around the metro include the Roasterie Café, Brookside Market, Foo’s Frozen Custard, Halls Department Store, Dean and Deluca and Cosentino’s Market. Elbow’s Chocolates are also available nationwide including his store in San Francisco. Here is a link to find all the locations his chocolates are available.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates
1819 McGee Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
ph. 816-842-1300
fax 816-842-1301
Tues – Sat 10a.m. – 6p.m.

And as always, if you have a great food find in KC email me.

In Good Taste,
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