Kansas City’s Local Liquor!

Good Spirits, LLC in Olathe, Kansas is the mastermind behind this lovely libation. I had the chance to taste it at a barbecue event a few weeks ago. It was in a delectable little drink called the Pom10 Lemonade.

Ron Bailey, Vice President of CLEAR10 along with his close friends Chad Fordham and Todd Bukaty wanted to buy a distillery and make a superior vodka here in the Midwest that would gain attention nationwide. About 3 years ago, after extensive research and evaluating existing distilleries, the three decided to build it from the ground up. From there, they spent the next couple of years designing bottles, logos and of course numerous hours pefecting the hand-crafting of CLEAR10. CLEAR10 was launched in March of 2009 in Kansas, then made its way to Missouri in May that same year.

CLEAR10’s mission is to create a super-premium vodka that will demonstrate that the Midwest has much to offer. They are succeeding at it too! In September, 2009, CLEAR10 won a Gold Medal from the coveted Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago. They rated CLEAR10 higher than Chopin, Stolichnaya and Effen.

This Artesian Vodka begins with the highest quality water source and superior hand – selected Midwest yellow corn grain. It is then introduced to a four-column distillation cycle. Each small batch is then passed through a 10-step filtration line at a rate of less than 2 gallons per minute. There is no sugar, citric acid or any other additives.

CLEAR10 is served at some of the best restaurants and bars in KC including: Sullivan’s, Trezo Vino, Capital Grill, Nick and Jakes, Trezo Mare, Zest, Johnny’s Tavern, McFaddens and Shark Bar just to name few! It is also available at most liquor stores throughout the state of Kansas and in Missouri at Gomer’s , Lucas Liquor, Berbiglia, Metcalf Discount Liquors and a few Hy-Vee’s.

So remember the next time you need to lift your spirit, choose Good Spirit’s CLEAR10 Vodka!

For more information visit the Clear10 website.

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