The amazing folks over at Crio Bru sent me a sample of their brewed cocoa and I have to say I am loving it.  It is ground cocoa beans and brewed much like coffee using a french press or coffee filter.

If you are a coffee lover and like chocolate I urge you to try Crio Bru. The cocoa bean high in antioxidants and Crio Bru is chock full of other healthy benefits as well.  I loved the rich dark chocolate taste Crio Bru had and it was nice change from the ordinary cup of Joe. I am big fan of all the fancy coffee drinks available these days so I tried  creating one with the Crio Bru and it came out so good I decided to share it with you!

Crio Bru  Double Chocolate Caramel Latte

1/2 cup  chocolate almond milk or milk of your choosing, heated

1  Ghirardelli caramel filled square

1/2  cup brewed Crio Bru

Whip cream to taste

Variations:  Mint chocolate latte – use the Ghirardelli mint filled square.


Brew Crio Bru according to directions. In microwave safe mug warm almond milk to desired temperature and remove. Place half of the chocolate square to heated milk.  Add 1/2 cup Crio Bru or more if desired and stir to combine.  Top with whip cream and remaining chocolate square. Additional sweetener can be added if desired. Enjoy.

Visit the Crio Bru website to get all the facts or to place an order.