With building a new home comes the task of picking out appliances. I am loving and hating this all at the same time. One thing I know for sure is that I love the Electrolux oven I have now. When we picked this oven out, we were at the mercy of our cabinet size which was already cut to fit our previous oven so our choices were limited.  Looking back I am so glad that was the case because it made it so easy. I had no idea how much I was going to love the “Perfect Turkey” setting! You simply fix up your bird however you like, put in the probe and hit the “Perfect Turkey” button. It seriously cooked a 32 pound bird in three hours!

You can also use the probe setting for roasts, chicken, pork or whatever you are cooking and plug in a desired temperature. When the meat hits the right internal temperature the oven will signal it is done!

Electrolux is an innovative company and is currently holding a design lab contest. Entries from all over have submitted designs to Electrolux for the next cool appliance and now you can vote on what you think is best.  I wonder if the Perfect Turkey was the brainchild of one of these contests.

Picking out the appliances this time around is a much harder task. Since we are building from scratch, I can get any size appliance I want and the choices out there are mind blowing.  I know I am in need of a double wall oven, quiet dishwasher, gas cook top (although I am very intrigued with this induction thing too) and French door refrigerator with ice and water in the door. Those steam ovens look pretty cool too!

Hubby wants a plumbed coffee maker so we are looking into the Miele Built-In Coffee Maker.

I would love to know what appliances you love and any recommendations you have.

In Good Taste,