IMG_6440The cool folks over at Verizon lent me the Ellipsis 7 tablet to try out and I have to say it was quite nifty.  I currently have an android phone and an out of date laptop that weighs a ton so having to send this tablet back makes me a bit sad. If Verizon’s goal of letting me borrow this tablet would convince me to buy one they have succeeded.

In compared to my phone the android operating system is similar but the features are much better.  I loved the larger screen, the faster surfing and the pre-installed apps such as iHeartRadio and Redbox Instant by Verizon. IMG_6441The Flipboard feature is great. The 7-inch screen is clear and makes it much more enjoyable to read on, play on or watch content while still being small enough to take it on the run. I am avid Daily Plate user on  and this tablet made it easy to log my food on the go!

The Google Maps system is up to date and since it is small enough to take along anywhere, I enjoyed using the navigation system on it separately from the one on my phone, as it does not interfere if a text or call comes in.

At home, when I was in the need of a quick Google search or email check the tablet easily became a replacement for my laptop.  I am also an avid cook and using it in the kitchen with all the amazing food apps was a dream!

For me this tablet far exceeds anything I already own and has more features than I will probably every use. As far as specifications go, I am not tech savvy enough to give you the pros and cons of the operating system so you can get all the details of that here if you in need of certain information on features or specifications.

IMG_6444The price on the tablet varies on whether you get a contract or not but is still affordable for a tablet these days. For more information on pricing and plans for the Ellipsis 7 check out Verizon’s website.