IMG_7890The AC Hotel by Marriot in Westport opening it’s doors sometime in January will include some incredibly unique features – including the AC Breakfast, featuring gourmet traditional European choices with fresh sliced meats and cheese, sweet and savory egg tarts, homemade butter croissants and flavored iced coffee.

They were so kind as to send me a send me a gift with fun brunch and kitchen items to help with guests this holiday season and little did I know how quickly I would use it.  We ended up having some friends that were traveling through from Dallas last weekend and needed a place to stay.  Luckily I had just gone to the store so we had a great brunch with the fabulous coffee press, glasses and cutting board sent to me by the AC Hotels.


My favorite tip for putting on an easy brunch is to bake the bacon in the oven.  It is so easy. Just line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place bacon strips on pan.  Bake at 400 for about 15 to 20 minutes. Can bake longer if you want it extra crispy.  After removing bacon from cooking sheet,  just toss the parchment in the trash for easy clean up!

The AC Breakfast is inspired by its European heritage and allows for high-quality items served to meet everyone’s taste preferences. You can use this inspiration for brunch in your own home by using some of these other tips from the AC Hotels.

  • Frame your menu to allow you to spend time with your guests, not stuck in the kitchen all morning. Your guests expect great food, but spending time with them is even more important.
  • Instead of serving up a trough of eggs and plate of frozen cinnamon rolls, we recommend serving a variety of selected brunch favorites that your guests can savor. A sweet or savory egg tart, similar to those served at the AC Hotel, can easily turn a more traditional breakfast into a gourmet brunch. Consider including a plate of charcuterie with a variety of cured meets and cheeses. Include fresh baked pastries to perfectly compliment warm and cold brunch items, plus your guests will enjoy the warm and inviting smells.
  • Coffee is a cornerstone of any brunch event, so keep it flowing. Mix it up by serving unique flavors or even iced coffee. AC Hotel serves a wonderful signature iced coffee our guests love – and it’s just as easy as the traditional serving!
  •  Not a morning person? Set out everything you will need the night before, including pre-slicing your charcuterie and preparing your quiche.
  • Have fun with it! Use something unexpected to put a unique twist to classic serving or brunch items, including your menu choices – yes, even holiday cookies – or decorating with a holiday theme!
  • Keep it all in perspective and remember the point of it all: to spend time with friends and family.


About AC Hotels:

  • AC Hotels was originally founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the most well-known hotel brands in Spain. Inspired by the runways and fashion houses of Milan, the brand features simple, clean and crisp lines which marry sophisticated European style with approachable design for a distinctly urban feel.
  • AC Hotels by Marriott was introduced to the U.S. this year, and the Kansas City location in the stylish Westport neighborhood will be the second open in the U.S.Read more about the hotel here.  For reservations or more information visit, Westport Rd
    Kansas City, Missouri
    (816) 931-0001