Below is infomation from Farm to Market concerning their Irish Soda Bread.

Kansas City, Mo. (March 1, 2012) – The craftsmen at Farm to Market Bread are feeling their Irish as they bake crunchy, savory Irish Soda Bread just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The bread is available for a limited time, March 9-17, at select stores.

Made with all-natural buttermilk, raw sugar, sweet golden raisins and chunks of butter, the bread is perfect for breakfast, dessert or as a treat with coffee. Production Manager Craig Flaker modified a scone recipe shared by a pastry chef in New York City to create Farm to Market’s Irish Soda Bread.

“The lore surrounding Irish Soda Bread is as rich and varied as the country where it originated,” says Farm to Market founder and Chief Baker Mark Friend. “We are proud of our version of this traditional Irish bread and the care and quality that go into every loaf.”

Farm to Market Irish Soda Bread retails at $4.99 per loaf and will be offered in select Kansas City-area stores from March 9-17:

· Cosentino’s Brookside Market

· Cosentino’s Downtown Market

· Cosentino’s Brookside Price Chopper

· Cosentino’s Price Chopper, 95th & Mission

· Marsh’s Sun Fresh, Westport

· HyVee ,77th & State Line Road

· Hen House, 87th and Lackman

· Corinth Hen House

· Camelot Hen House, 119th and Roe

· Prairie Village Hen House

· Deer Creek Hen House, 135th and Metcalf

· Fairway Hen House

· Hen House, 6234 N. Chatham

Lawrence residents can find Irish Soda Bread at Community Mercantile.

About Farm to Market Bread Co.

Farm to Market Bread Co.  was founded in 1993 to bring handcrafted bread made with fresh ingredients to Kansas City-area tables. Farm to Market breads are delivered daily to local groceries and restaurants. Follow us on Twitter: @FarmToMktBread.