Just for Valentines Day, Farm to Market Bread Company has created a Chocolate Cherry Bread. This Kansas City tradition is available for a limited time only, Feb. 8 through Valentine’s Day. This bread is made with semi-sweet chocolate, Michigan-grown red tart dried cherries and 100 percent cocoa.  Like all Farm to Market artisan breads, Chocolate Cherry is made with all-natural ingredients. This year, the recipe is being crafted into 14-ounce round loaves that make perfect gifts or treats for the office.

Farm to Market Chocolate Cherry Bread retails at $5.99 per loaf and will be offered in select Kansas City-area stores from Feb. 8-14 including Cosentino’s Price Chopper’s, Marsh’s Sun Fresh, Westport, HyVee (77th &State Line Rd) Hen House (87th and Lackman), Corinth Hen House, Camelot Hen House, Prairie Village Hen House, Deer Creek Hen House (135th and Metcalf) and Fairway Hen House. Lawrence residents can find Chocolate Cherry Bread at Community Mercantile.

Allthough this bread is absolutely delicious just eaten plain, this recipe that adds strawberries and Nutella makes a luxurious treat.

Farm to Market Chocolate Cherry Nutella Panini
1 loaf  Farm to Market Chocolate Cherry Bread
Nutella to taste
Sliced Strawberries
Slice bread into desired thickness. On one half of bread spread desired amount of Nutella. Place 3 to 4 strawberry slices. Top with other slice of bread.  Place in panini maker until toasted to desired doneness,  Can use skillet to toast up, turning sandwich so both sides get toasted.