Love food? Well there is an App for that.

Whether you are into cooking, dining out, calorie conscious or have special diet needs there is an app for that and more!

Trozzolo Communications recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in testing out some foodie apps and if so the great folks over at Verizon would loan me out an ipad2 and a Motorola Xoom to try them out on.

I have to tell you I am having a blast with these gizmos and am super bummed I have to send them back. The Xoom is in android format and some of the apps are available for android-based gadgets as well as ipad and iphone.

As I searched the app store, I found more than I could ever use. There is truly something for everyone whether you need gluten free recipes or want to make your own dog treats; you can find it all with a touch of the finger.

All the apps I tried were free and listed below is my take on them. This is just the tip of the iceberg so if you have an ipad, iphone, or android device and love food, go ahead and explore for yourself. It is quite entertaining, educational and informational.

The first app I tried is called Grocery IQ. This app is available for both ipad and android and once I played with it on the ipad, I immediately installed it onto my android phone. This app is handy especially for the phone. The ipad itself is equipped with a scanner but I found the ipad might be a bit big for carrying around the grocery store. My phone is the perfect size so I downloaded a scanner app from the market. This app allows you to make a grocery list by either typing in products, scanning them, or both. Finished off the last of the ketchup? Scan the bottle before putting it in the recycling bin and it will be added to your list so you are sure to never forget anything again!

The next app was called Fooducate and I love it. It is not available for android. It uses the same scanner method as Grocery IQ, but instead of adding it to a shopping list, it gives you a nutritional score of the food. It gives the product a grade from A – F and the reasoning for it. It pulls up all the nutrition facts about the product and even gives suggestions as to what would be a healthier choice. This app is great for those that are health conscious or just trying to eat a little better.

For dining out, I tried Urbanspoon, Local Eats and Yelp. All of these are available for both the ipad and android and can give you information about all the different restaurants around. When traveling this app will allow you to find out what is close and read reviews to find out what is good so making the decision on where to eat becomes a snap! Other apps that involve dining out are Foodspotting, Eat Street, Snapfinger and many others.

At Foodspotting you can see pictures of what other people are eating. Like what you see? Information includes where to find it so you can try it for yourself. Foodspotting is member based so you too can join in on the fun and share your favorite dish with the world. Snapfinger is an online take out ordering service and Eat Street is an app that will find all the local food trucks in your area. There are tons of options regarding restaurants. I even found an app for the newly opened Story Restaurant in Prairie Village.

One fun app for dining out especially when traveling is called Show Foodie, this app list places that have been featured on different TV shows like Food Wars, Diners Drive Ins and Dives and Man VS Food.

For cooking and recipes there are about a zillion, and you can find them both for ipad and android gadgets such as the Xoom. There are apps on how to cook every kind of cuisine imaginable as well as special diet needs such as diabetes and gluten free. The cooking and recipe apps I tried where epi from Epicurious, Reipe Grazer, Eating Well and Lite 42. Epicuirous features recipes from various magazines such as Gourmet and Bon Appétit. With a touch of the screen, the recipe ingredients are added to a shopping list and you are good to go. Recipe Grazer is a feast for the eyes with tons of photos and recipes from some of the best blogs around. Eating Well features healthy recipes from the magazine and Lite 42 features recipes and information from some of the hottest restaurants across the country.

If you are trying to watch your waistline there are plenty of diet and food logging apps including Spark People, Diets 2 Go, Best Diet Foods, My Food and Calorie Track.

For pure entertainment, there are plenty of foodie games.

I loved ,loved, loved playing with the iPad2 and the Xoom and they are now on their way back and I am on my way to convincing my hubby I need one of these! If we do decide to purchase one of these devices, I would have to go with the iPad2. In my opinion, I found it a bit lighter and a little easier to search with. Both were great and super cool. Remember if you love food; there is an app for that.

In Good Taste,