My taste buds just had the most refreshing burst of flavor thanks to Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones!

I have been hearing about these snow cones for over a year now, but have just not had the chance to make it to the garden at 17th and Summit where they are sold to get my taste.

Well as luck would have it owner of Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones Lindsey Laricks, has had the marvelous idea of making snow pops! These icy sticks come in all the great flavors that the snow cones do but are all packaged up and ready to be enjoyed anytime!

I happened to be downtown the other day and remembered hearing something about the snow pops being available at Hammerpress, so I stopped in and got a few.

I think this snow pop idea is ingenious! It is a great way to keep a stash of assorted flavors on hand!

As you can see from my picture I had to get a variety and with about 10 flavors to choose from I had a heck of a time!
I finally decided on Mango Ginger, Lime Mint, Blackberry Lavender, and Pineapple & Serrano Pepper. Wow! The flavor combinations are amazing and the syrups are made from real ingredients.

I had to sample my goods. All the pops I tasted were yummy. The Mango Ginger has a great zing to it, you can really taste the ginger and it is a spicy sweet combination.

The Pineapple & Serrano is so cool it is hot. The sweetness from the pineapple reminds me of a Pina Colada and then bam the heat from the pepper hits, it is like a Pina Colada on fire.

The Blackberry Lavender well if you read my post on the GKCBC you know I am a lavender nut. This pop did not disappoint. I love the scent of lavender and this pop tastes just as good as it smells. Between the scent and the taste, this pop really ignites all five senses. The touch of the cold pop in your hands, the scent of the lavender, the beautiful deep red color, the crunch of the ice, and of course the taste of the fruity combination. Delish!

Last but not least the Lime Mint. Well if you have been following this blog you know I am kind of a fan of lime too. Mostly Key Lime, this pop has a great lime flavor that can make your lips pucker, and then when the mint hits it takes away a bit of the tartness. I want to take this pop and let it melt just a bit then muddle it in a glass with some fresh lime, fresh mint, add a little rum, some soda and have me a fresher than fresh Mojito!

I am so sorry to let you know what you are missing so late in the season. The last snow cone day at 17th and Summit will be September 26th. The Snow Pops should be available all winter long at Hammerpress as long as they keep selling.

For more information check out the Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones website.

And as always, if you have a great food find in KC email me.

In Good Taste,