Who dreams up ice cream flavors like Strawberry Balsamic, Sweet Corn, Pineapple Cilantro, Salted Pretzel, and Caramelized Banana? It is the one and only Christopher Elbow.

Christopher Elbow who nationally known for his exquisite handmade chocolates, has been a chef in Las Vegas where help celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse open Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian. He then moved to Paris (as in the Paris Resort and Casino) to help chef Jean Joho open the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. Finally Christopher returned to Kansas City to accept the pastry chef position at the American Restaurant. It was there that he began perfecting his chocolate-making skills, and is now a Master Artisanal Chocolatier.

Elbow, now owns Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates, and has shops in Kansas City and San Francisco. He has expanded his passion for making high quality chocolates in unusual flavors, by opening up Glacé Artisanal Ice Cream. At Glacé he is taking a culinary approach to making the ice cream and is passionate about using real ingredients. You can truly taste the difference.

What I love about Christopher’s concept on his ice cream is that when available, most of the flavors can be made with local ingredients. With using local and seasonal ingredients, there will always be a new flavor every few days. He is even working with some schools and community gardens to grow different types of produce to use in the ice cream, and to give the children a sense of the farm to table concept.

The day I went, the flavor board had a Rosemary Caramel flavor. What? Rosemary Caramel, are you kidding me? I love rosemary! I love caramel, but wouldn’t you know it, that flavor was out!

Well, it was really not that unfortunate that they did not have the Rosemary Caramel flavor that day because there were so many other flavors I wanted try too. So, I finally narrowed my choices down to the flavors, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Goat Cheese Cherry. Wow! The PB&J had the nostalgia of the classic sandwich with an artisanal creamy twist, and was made with homemade jam. The the Goat Cheese Cherry, was a perfect mix of sweet creaminess and tartness. Unbelievable! But, I was still on a mission to get there when they has some Rosemary Caramel. I called the shop and asked on the facebook page when it would be available, and as gracious as Christopher is he kept me in the loop on when it would be in.

A few days later I got the message that is was made, so I got myself straight to Glacé to get a container and I was not disappointed. First there is a hint of rosemary and then the caramel hits. I am actually eating some right now! It is delicious!

With so many wonderful and unique flavors, and an actual chef in the kitchen making it fresh, I don’t think I can ever go to a chain ice cream shop again.

If you are unsure about some of the flavor combinations I have mentioned, don’t worry. Glacé offers a flavor for everyone, including the old stand by’s like vanilla bean and of course chocolate, three kinds of it as a matter of fact.

With the location being just off the plaza, it is the perfect place to get a treat after a day of shopping or dining. I recommend you take a trip to Glacé to beat the heat and enjoy some cool and creamy artisan ice cream in flavors that will absolutely make you melt. Enjoy!

Sunday-Thursday: 12-9:30
Friday-Saturday: 12-10:30
4960 Main St., Kansas City, MO

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