It is time to get fit KC! At least for me anyway! I have indulged in one too many wine dinners and have another one coming up on Sunday! What is a food blogger to do!

I know it may not look like it when you read many of these blog posts but I am very cautious of my diet. When eating at home I tend to eat very clean, organic an non processed foods. I do love to indulge and save those times for when I am dining out or have a special event to go to. I also hit the gym regularly and even have a goal of maybe someday getting in bikini shape, which brings me to writing about Hitch Fit.

Hitch Fit was founded in 2009 by top personal trainers Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux. Now of course just drinking their new Roasterie blend coffee is not going melt off the pounds but it can be incorporated into a healthy diet. I do own the Hitch Fit Cookbook which helps to keep things healthy when making meals at home.

 With over 20 years combined experience in the fitness industry, this duo offers online and in person training and gives clients the tools needed and the motivation to achieve their fitness goals and then maintain them for the rest of their lives.

Both Michael and Diana are WBFF Pro fitness model athletes and both have graced the cover of Kansas City’s own KC Fit Magazine. They know their stuff and offer local and online training programs worldwide, with options for Lose Weight/Feel Great, Fitness Model, Bikini Model, Muscle Building, Figure Competition Prep, Couples Programs and Post Pregnancy Programs.

I am an avid reader of Oxygen magazine and know getting shape takes about 12 weeks of very strict eating! Someday when I have a 12 week span of no wine dinners, I am going to get on board with Hitch Fit. I will of course blog along the way and hopefully inspire you to get fit along with me!

I am not sure how I went from coffee to entering a fitness competition but check out the Hitch Fit Website for information on both!