To celebrate Jasper’s National Cannoli Month, local baker and jeweler collaborate to make The Golden Cannoli; Jasper’s sells a 24 gold cannoli.


Kansas City, MO (Sept. 12, 2011)—Kansas City’s King of Locavore and an intrepid traveler on the mythical

Cannoli Trail, celebrated Master Italian Chef Jasper Mirabile Jr., has declared the month of September

“National Cannoli Month.” By decree of Chef Jasper, master cannoli maker, dessert lovers in Kansas City

will be able to enjoy a massive show of cannoli power during September.


To commemorate National Cannoli Month, Chef Jasper has enlisted the expertise of Tom Tivol & Wanda Allen Fine Jewelry in Kansas City, and award‐winning Sprinkled with Sugar owner, Carey Iennaccaro, to create the

World’s Most Expensive Cannoli. Tivol discovered a 20th Century Italian Diamond Necklace, valued at

$26,000, which he is pairing with the cannoli created by Iennaccaro. This special star‐power cannoli

features edible gold and is paired with a bottle of Louis Roederer 1999 Cristal Champagne, making it the

World’s Most Expensive Cannoli.


The cannoli can be ordered, with 24 hours notice, through December 2011. A replica gold leaf Cannoli is

on display in the lobby of Jasper’s Ristorante. For those who don’t want to spend $26,453.25 but still want

to enjoy a Golden Cannoli, Jasper’s is selling a 24k gold cannoli—dusted with real gold—for only $12.


“I’m obsessed with finding the perfect cannoli,” says Chef Jasper. “I even invented a Cannoli Therapy