I was recently loaned out the Mini Jambox by Jawbone to review from Verizon Wireless and have to say it is quite nifty.

This tiny wireless Bluetooth enabled speaker has a trendy design with a single aluminum enclosure and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

I had a blast trying out and thought it sounded great! The Bluetooth capability allows it to pair with a smart phone, tablet, iPhone and other Bluetooth enabled devices and becomes a speakerphone that will receive and make calls all with the touch of a button.


With not being much bigger than a cell phone, the Mini Jambox is easy to take along anywhere you go or sit seamlessly anywhere in the house. It can play music and audio that is already on your device or if you prefer using one of the many music apps, those will play as well. It can be connected to gaming units, laptops and televisions and enhance the sound of anything you may want.

If Bluetooth is not available, a speaker cord comes with the Mini Jambox that can be connected to any device that has a speaker output. I tend to watch a lot of Netflix and found connecting the speaker wire to the laptop while watching gave me much better volume control and clarity.

Connecting the Mini Jambox to a computer via the USB cord and installing the Jawbone updater allows the speakers firmware to be updated and allows a number of voices and languages to be used for the voice prompts that notify you of the amount of battery life left, incoming and outgoing calls and more.

Speaking of battery life, the website claims to have 10 hours of continuous play. I never tested it or ran the speaker that long as it seemed my phone needed charging before then. The Jawbone app available in both iTunes and Android format allows users to control the Jambox’s options.

Although, the Jambox was only on loan and I have to give it back, I wish to thank Verizon Wireless for allowing me to test it out. I did not think I was in the market for a wireless speaker, but after using this Mini Jambox, I may reconsider. I will admit I am not as tech savvy as some others out there and with the Mini Jambox; you do not need to be! It was easy and simple to use, had great sound and the sleek designs will fit any personality.

Additional information on size, specs, compatibility and any other questions you may have can be found at Jawbone.com or Verizonwireless.com.