I absolutely love Ophelia’s  for many reasons. I love that the food is upscale and absolutely delicious and that the atmosphere is elegant, yet inviting. I love the unique concept of the inn and that it makes a perfect place to house out of town guests or  if you live in the metro area, a place to enjoy a “staycation” getaway. The banquet facilities are a great place to host an event, but I think I mostly love Ophelia’s for sentimental reasons.

I grew up not far from the now Historic Independence Square and spent a great part of my youth visiting the movie theater, going to Santi-Cali-Gon Days and frequenting certain shops and businesses. I loved to hear my Grandma tell stories of how vibrant is was  and how she would see President Harry Truman walking the streets of the square.  Much has changed since then and for a time if looked as if the square was a thing of the past, but thanks to the McClain’s they are revitalizing the square by adding in unique shops and restaurants like Ophelia’s.

If you have not had the chance to try Ophelia’s on the Historic Independence Square, there is no better time than now. Executive Chef, Bobby Stearns has unveiled his new menus at Ophelia’s. Below are a few offerings.

Seafood Stacker: Sweetpea Risotto, Crabcake, Diver Scallop and Candied Tempura Shrimp with Carrot Butter Sauce

Golden Beet Bibb Salad: Crisp Bibb Lettuce, Roasted Golden Beets, Candied Pecans, Gorgonzola Cheese tossed in a Port Wine Vinaigrette


Beef Short Rib, Chilean Sea Bass, Center Cut Pork Medallion


Chocolate Trio



I love having dinner at Ophelia’s and making it an event. Often we will go early and browse through some of the shops of the square. Have a glass of wine at the bar and listen live music before we eat. After dinner we may check out the movie theater or bowling alley. Although you may not have the same sentiment of the square as I do, I am sure you will find it absolutely charming and Ophelia’s absolutely delicious. Visit  newindependencesquare.com for a listing of all the great restaurants and shopping the square has to offer.

In good taste,

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Ophelia’a Restaurant and Inn

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