Local resident Kathryn Prather started Nut Nation Pistachioz in early 2009 out of necessity, when her husband lost his job in November 2008. With some hard work and the help of my family and friends, she was able to launch a quality product that is not only unique, but also delicious.

Being a certified nutritionist, Kathryn chose Pistachios because they are not only a very healthy snack and are a great source of manganese and phosphorus. They are also loaded with antioxidants. All the ingredients are natural and there are no preservatives or msg.

The pistachios are seasoned and then slow smoked over hickory chips in electric smokers. This produces an undeniably aromatic and bold hickory flavor. Pistachioz flavors include: Zesty Garlic, Curry Mango, Parmesan Ranch and Sweet Mesquite.

The nuts can be found in several stores in the Kansas City metro area as well as Lawrence and Topeka. Nut Nation Pistachioz are also found at two grocery stores in the resort town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and at a gourmet grocer in Randolph, New Jersey. For a complete listing, visit the Nut Nation website.

photo.JPGIf you have had the chance to try Nut Nation Pistachioz then you know how yummy and addicting they are.  Now you can create a variety of tasty treats at home using their seasoning mixes because Nut Nation is introducing the sale of their very special smoky seasonings.  These are the very same seasonings they use when they smoke our delicious pistachioz.  After the smoking process, the seasonings that fall off of the pistachioz are carefully scooped up and sealed in foil packaging.  These seasonings are great in your favorite recipes or perfect as a rub when you barbeque.  There is a recipes even included  for using them as a dip!

The most unique thing about these spices is that they’ve been smoked so the flavor is not only delicious, but just a little smoky.  Yum!

Now available on our website, these great seasonings come in five of our flavors:  Zesty Garlic, Parmesan Ranch, Curry Mango, Sweet mesquite and Chipotle Chili. Visit http://www.nutnation.net/ to order.

In Good Taste,