Chefs Colby and Megan Garrelts owners of the renowned Bluestem in Westport, recently opened Rye restaurant in Leawood. Rye is a celebration of the Midwestern foods that chefs grew up eating and Rye gives them the opportunity to highlight dishes that they have enjoyed with several generations of their families.
Smoked pork chops, cornmeal fried catfish, aged steaks, baby back ribs, fried chicken, fresh vegetables, hot rolls, freshly-made seasonal pies, fruit cobblers, and ice box cakes are just a few of the items you will find on the menu.
My family and I had the chance to visit Rye and we are hooked. The fried chicken is sous-vide first making it unbelievably juicy and the corn gratin full of real cheese! The real mashed potatoes were delightful as well.

All pies and desserts are made in house and we had the pleasure of sharing the Meyer lemon meringue pie and apple crisp. The sweet and tart lemon filling on the homemade crust was to die for as well as the crumble topping on the crisp.

Whole pies, cakes and other desserts will soon be available to pre-order, giving you the chance to serve a delicious homemade dessert at your next gathering without all the work.
The space in Mission Farms where Rye is located has been many things over the past few years but that has now come to an end as Rye is here to stay. If you have had the opportunity to experience the Garrelts upscale cuisine at Bluestem, then you know when you take that talent and combine it with all the comfort foods everyone loves, everything is going to be perfect and absolutely delicious. Enjoy Rye for dinner seven days a week with brunch on Saturday and Sunday.
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