As a blogger, I occasionally get to try out products and I was recently provided with a FitBit One by Verizon Wireless who loaned the device out to me for a review.  After wearing it for a few weeks, I reluctantly had to send sent it back. As always whenever I am given a product to test out, all opinions are entirely my own and I have to say it is a nifty device.

I am a bit of a fitness buff and already own a Body Media armband that I bought a couple of years ago.  Therefore, the chance to try out another device was right up my alley.

The FitBit is easy to set up; you just turn it on and synchronize it to the profile you create on The FitBit tracks calories burned, steps taken, stairs climbed and sleep. The information then synchronizes to your computer and to your smart phone where you can see all of your activity. From the website or the app, you are able to see the FitBit tracking information. You can also log food and workouts making the FitBit the ultimate activity tracker.


Compared to the Body Media Armband, the Fit Bit One is much smaller and is able to clip onto on a waistband, pocket, sleeve, sports bra or any place you would like to wear it. Just be aware that wherever you choose to wear it, you will just want to remember to remove it from your clothing as not lose it to the washing machine. The monitoring fee is included in the purchase of the device as to where the Body Media Armband has a monthly fee. The battery life lasts longer and the wireless technology is convenient.


I really enjoyed using the device and would recommend it to fitness buffs or those new to the activity-tracking world. It is easy to use and is a great tool for body awareness and tracking.

I wish to thank Verizon for lending it out to me; I think it has convinced me to make the switch from my armband.

In addition to the FitBit One, FitBit has also just introduced the new FitBit Force Wristband. The FitBit family also includes a Wi-Fi smart scale. For more information on the FitBit One and all, the products available check out