This is my new favorite thing!    A few months ago the guys over at Hoo Rag sent me one of their “better bandanas” to try out and I have yet to take it off my head long enough to write about it!

All though it has nothing to do with eating. Well then again maybe it does, as I have worn it in the kitchen while cooking, then to gym while burning off the calories and there is also a page of Chef Hoo Rags on their website.

I wear it all the time.  It has been my daily accessory every morning on my way out the door covering my ears to keep me warm during this frigid winter we are having. It makes a great headband to hold back my hair and soaking up sweat during my workout.

If I get chilly in the evening I will wear it over my ears in the house and to sometimes even to bed.

I have been on numerous trips and it has become my best friend. I can cover my eyes and and ears and actually get a little bit of a snooze on the airplane  or drown out the sounds of the creepy hotel rooms. It has been through the washer more times than I can count and it still looks great!

I cannot thank the guys enough at Hoo Rag for sending this to me to try out.  I love, love, love it and panic when I misplace it.  I am going to be ordering a second one for back up.

Check out the Hoo Rag Website for all the cool ways you can wear the Hoo Rag or for more information.  The Hoo Rag is something you are definitely missing, so order yours today!