I recently had the chance to demo the new Google Nexus 7 loaned out to me by Verizon Wireless and am quite sad I have to send it back!

I have been on the go quite a bit these past few weeks and this tablet became my best friend. I had the best time trying out!

 While visiting other cities and trying to find our way around, the Google search and navigation system was a lifesaver. At the airport when my flight was delayed 2 hours, the ability to steam and watch Netflix made the waiting time pass quickly. Its thin and sleek design allowed it to slide seamlessly in my bag making it easy to take it on the go!

The high resolution of the sleek 7-inch screen makes the text super sharp and images very vivid and the tablet can be used vertically or horizontally. I must admit I love to play Words with Friends and usually play it on my phone, so playing it on the larger screen of the Nexus 7 became quite addictive.

Another addiction I have is cooking. I had the best time downloading cooking apps and searching for recipes and the size of this tablet is perfect for using in the kitchen. With all the apps and games available for download through the Google Play store, I am sure you will find an app for whatever you are addicted to as well!

At home, I found myself grabbing it when I needed a quick Google search or email check. The speed was phenomenal and sure beat firing up the ancient laptop I have!

One last note, most of my travel is the stretch of I-35 that runs from KC to Wichita and the 4G service this tablet has through Verizon Wireless never failed me, even through the Flint Hills of Kansas.

I wish to thank Verizon Wireless for letting me try out this tablet. If it were their goal to convince me to buy one by doing so, they have succeeded! I would very much recommend this tablet if you are in the market for one.

For tech specifications, service plans and additional information on the Nexus 7 check out VerizonWireless.com.