Hello and Welcome to Discover Finer Living, formerly What You’re Missing KC!, the go to sight for KC foodies and news about the best food finds in town. Although the name has changed, I still feature news from the KC food scene!

My husbands job has relocated us out of the KC area to Wichita, KS. If you have been a What You’re Missing KC! fan, don’t worry! KC will always be my hometown and I have added a What You’re Missing KC! page as I do get back quite often and I still get press releases and news about KC. And of course I have to share the love I have for the amazing local food scene!

What You're Missing KC!

The reason for the change stemmed form his new job position and which requires quite a bit of travel and since our nest is empty, I am free to tag along.

In addition to work trips we also enjoy getting away at our leisure with cruising being a favorite! I have started this blog to share some of our travel adventures as well as my favorite products, recipes, healthy living tips and anything that makes living finer.If you have a great food find you think should be featured on this sight, Please contact us.