I happened to stumble upon these caramels at the Brookside Farmers Market on Saturday where Chef Jasper Mirabile was demonstrating some wonderful recipes using tomatoes. Keep an eye out for that as I will have more on that later. This post is about the most delicious chewy caramels I have ever tasted.

I was helping out at the Slow Food KC booth when Emily from Oishii Studio Sweets stopped by and asked if I would like a sample of their caramels. I of course said yes and gave she gave me the choice of Sea Salt or Rosemary. Really, do I have to choose? I could not decide so asked if I could have one of each.

I quickly pocketed my goodies and went back to business. Later that day I remembered the tasty treat and am so disappointed I waited to try them. I was already home and had missed my chance to buy a bag while I was at the market. They were so delicious! The sea salt had the perfect “sweet salty” ratio and the rosemary, well if you are reader of this blog you know what nut I am about that!

I cannot wait til Saturday rolls around again so I can get my hands on a bag or two. The caramels are also sold at One More Cup Coffee Shop in Waldo.

You can also contact them at: oishiistudio[at]hotmail[dot]com to place an order. For more information visit their facebook page.

If you have a great food find in KC you think I am missing, email me.

In Good Taste,