Add vodka and make Limoncello! It will make everything better.

That is exactly what Jasper did at “A Limoncello Experience”.

First of all, if you have been to Jasper’s you know it is like going to a friend’s house for dinner, and that he is the most personable, sweet man you will ever want to meet.

If you have not been, get it on your list of places to go. It will become a favorite spot guaranteed!

Now about those lemons…. A multi-course treat that had all sorts of fancy Italian names that I had no idea what they meant, but they sounded sexy and of course they sure tasted good, which is really what matters to me.

We were greeted with a limoncello cocktail consisting of limoncello and champagne it was refreshing and delicious. The table was set with the yummiest Sicilian Limoncello Crackers and Limoncello and Cream Cheese Braided Bread made by the very talented Suzanne Frisse of Meadowlark Acres. In addition to the bread and crackers was a Lemon Ricotta and Sicillian Olives; it was a delicious way to start the evening.

The First Course: Was a Chilled Asparagus and Limoncello Cappuccino. It was this most amazing creamy asparagus soup with just the perfect hint of lemon. There was also included an Oyster Christina.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about that as I have never been inclined to try an oyster. My husband likes them but I just can’t seem to get over the look them laying in that shell, that I have never brought myself to try one. The Oyster Christina was fried so I thought OK I can do this for Jasper because I really want the whole Limoncello Experience! Well who knew what I was missing! It was very tasty and had this lemony glaze that added just a touch of lemon flavor. Thank You Jasper for taking me out of my little culinary box!

The Second Course : Was a Scampi Limoncello and Leek Risotto.

Jasper himself did a demonstration on how to prepare the dish. He was informative and personable. I felt like I was in his home.

The Risotto was creamy and delicious. Jasper also scores another point for getting us out of our culinary box, this time for my husband Steve. He has asked me before when we have been to other places that serve a risotto, “What’s risotto? I tell him it is a like a pasta dish made with rice. He say’s “Rice is for Chinese Food”. So he has never tried it until now. Thank you again Jasper! He really liked it.

The Third Course Was a Pasta alla Limocello a cut pasta, with a lemon cream and local garlic chives and A Slow Roasted Limocello Chicken served with Pendelton’s ( a local asparagus farm Asparagus and Fresh Mozza Cream Potatoes.

I was getting so full and knew dessert was coming so I had to pace myself and I am glad I did because it was quite a treat to keep the experience going the next day for lunch with my leftovers.

And last but not least, The Fourth Course consisted of “A Trio of Sweet Lemon Inspired Endings” which included a Lemon Gelato, Limoncello Cannoli and a Limoncello Tart. All were so good.

The crust for the tart was made from Jasper’s Mothers sugar cookie recipe and I am telling you it was to die for!

Well if you are not drooling by now to make the ending even sweeter a wonderful Limoncello liquor was added to finish things up.

Are you kicking yourself already for missing this?

Well you are in luck. Jasper has a list of “Experiences” lined up for you to take advantage of that includes some of the most decadent ingredients.

The next few coming up are:
“A Mozzarella Experience”
“A Prosciutto Experience” and
“An Heirloom Tomato Experience”.

Now that I have seen what this guy can do with lemons, I can’t wait to see what he can do with these other ingredients.

Jasper takes such care in preparing his dishes. He uses as many fresh and local ingredients as possible and you can truly taste the difference.

If you can’t make it to one of his “Experiences” you must at least go for lunch or dinner. I promise you will be hooked!!

Jasper also has the Marco Polo Italian Market right next door. A perfect option when you are craving good food on the go or don’t have time for a dining room experience.

The market serves from 10:00 A.M.-10:00 P.M., Monday through Saturday. Prices range from $2.75-$6.95 and features Italian sandwiches, pasta, chicken, pizza and desserts. The grill is still outside and Italian sausages are fired up daily. The market seats 55 and also does catering.

1201 W. 103rd Street | Kansas City, MO 64114 | Phone: (816) 941-6600

To register for one of the “Experiences” call 816-941-6600 or email

“A Mozzarella Experience” is June 17th
“A Prosciutto Experience is July 12th”
“An Heirloom Tomato Experience” is August 9th

Cost is $45.00 per person, does not include wine pairing tax or gratuity.
Make your reservations today!
For more information visit Jasper’s website.

And as always if you think you have a great local food find you think I am missing, Email me

In Good Taste,

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