KC Chefs offer Heart Healthy Dishes in February

KC Chefs offer Heart Healthy Dishes in February

image010February is American Heart Month and KC can residents can participate by dining out and eating heart-healthy. Thanks to Shawnee Mission Health’s (SMH) partnership with several area restaurants, diners will be able to order dishes that are deliciously good for the heart.

Throughout the month of February, Grand Street Café, Blue Moose Bar & Grill, Barley’s Brewhaus, Story, Tavern at Mission Farms, Tavern in the Village and YaYa’s Euro Bistro will offer dishes that are low in fat and sodium and other ingredients that may increase risk of heart disease.

For each heart-healthy dish enjoyed by consumers, these restaurants will donate 10 percent to the Shawnee Mission Heart & Vascular Center to support various programs throughout the community, including CPR education in schools, women’s heart health and more.

The heart-healthy dishes being featured by SMH’s restaurant partners throughout February include:

· Roasted Beet Panzanella Salad with spiced cider braised apples, candied walnuts, goat cheese, toasted walnut raisin bread, arugula with an apple cider vinaigrette (Grand Street Café, Lenexa and Plaza)

Greek Panzanelle Salad_Grand Street Cafe Lenexa

· Superfood Kale Salad with Grilled Salmon with tender kale, carrots and cherry tomatoes tossed in homemade sesame soy ginger vinaigrette, topped with soy ginger quinoa, blueberries, dried nori and grilled salmon (Blue Moose Bar & Grill and Barley’s Brewhaus Kansas City metro locations)

Kale Salmon_Blue Moose and Barleys

· Arctic Char with hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, broccoli, jasmine rice and a mushroom cream sauce (Story, Prairie Village)

· Fresh Grilled Salmon topped with pineapple salsa over a bed of sautéed kale and quinoa with grilled asparagus and red bell peppers (Tavern at Mission Farms and Tavern in the Village)


· 5 Grain Idaho Trout Salad with quinoa, amaranth, kaniwa, millet, farro, curry vinaigrette, lacinato kale, baby spinach, orange supreme, blood orange gastique, roasted butternut squash and grilled Idaho trout fillet (YaYa’s Euro Bistro, Overland Park)

Sawyer Land and Cattle – Raising Steakhouse Quality Beef and Soybeans for Feed

Sawyer Land and Cattle – Raising Steakhouse Quality Beef and Soybeans for Feed

McPherson, Kansas is home to Sawyer Land and Cattle where Derek and Katie Sawyer grow soybeans and are raising cattle for steakhouse quality beef. I visited this farm while attending a three day farm tour across Kansas which you can read about here.

Sawyer's Soybean Field

Sawyer’s Soybean Field

The Sawyer family has been farming for 80 years and have benefitted from the technology advances of farming. They buy their soybeans from Pioneer which is a GMO seed. They compare Monsanto is to farmers as Apple is to consumers, meaning we don’t have to buy an iPhone or they do not have to buy a GMO seed but with all the all the work they have done to put the technology in place to make their crops better, it is hard not to take advantage of that.

Their soybeans are grown for mostly for feed which they sell on a global market. Being a GMO seed makes them a bit more pest resistant which means they are not treated with pesticides very often. Derek explained that if a pesticide is used there is a waiting period after the pesticide is applied before the plat can be harvested which helps ease my conscious a bit.

Those of us on the tour who are against pesticides and GMO grilled him on some issues concerning GMO, pollution and other environmental factors and asked how he felt about in terms of it affecting his own young family with another on the way and  if was he concerned about risks.

Soybean and pod

Soybean and pod

His response was “Obviously it hard to predict the future, but from what we knows now this is the best way we can produce food for the general public.” He did note that before having children he did not think so much about the food as it was feeding the masses, but now that he is feeding it to his own son does take more things into consideration. He notes that it is always going to be a challenge to prove anything is 100% safe but with what he knows now and the practices he uses, he would have no concerns that it is anyway unsafe to feed his family and does.

Just down the street is Derek and Katie’s cowherd where they raise beef for high end restaurants and steakhouses where you pay $40 to $50 for one steak.

Derek and Katie Sawyer

Derek and Katie Sawyer

We had the chance to meet their new heard he just received the day before we visited. The cows were a little fussy as they were just separated and wanted their Momma’s. This weaning process makes the calfs fussy for about 3 days and then all is good. It is also the best way for both momma and calf, as the momma would continue to nurse draining her of all her nutrients and the calf needs to learn to eat the grain to grow properly.

Although, the Sawyers grow soybeans for feed, they do not typically feed their soybeans to the cattle as they don’t possess the ability to grind the beans. The cattle are fed some type of mixture of corn, grasses, hay/alfalfa and distillers (an ethanol by-product). All of this except for the distillers is grown on their farm and remains on their farm from the field to the feed bunk. The exact feed mix is determined by the gender, age and nutritional needs of the animal.

Sawyers Cattle

Sawyers Cattle

Derek runs about 600 calfs a year and once the cows are around 600 pounds they are custom grazed throughout the spring and summer in small towns around Emporia, Kansas where they will beef up (no pun intended) to about 800 – 850 pounds. The cows are then taken to Ellinwood, Kansas to a feed lot for a 120 days where they will end up around 1300 pounds. The cows are then taken too Garden City or Dodge City for harvesting.

The calfs at Sawyer farms get a hormone implant in their ear that releases a small amount of estrogen that helps convert the feed to muscle. The controversy on the hormone use is it gets into the meat. Derek explained that a serving of a steak with estrogen will have about four nanograms of estrogen while the beef without only contains two. That seems pretty low for both as he mentioned cabbage has 15,000 nanograms! The hormone also helps the animal grow faster resulting in a more tender cut of beef.

As I mentioned earlier about the waiting period after pesticide has been applied to a crop, the same applies if an animal has been given antibiotics. The Sawyers take their responsibility very seriously about raising the best beef as possible and will never give a cow an antibiotic just for the heck of it but if a cow gets sick, it is their job to take the best care they can of that animal. If that means it needs an antibiotic on occasion to help the cow heal instead of just letting illness make it sicker and sicker they will do that. Kaite explained that taking care of the animal quickly also ensures the health of the others in the heard because just like kids can spread things at school the same can happen to a heard. Records and documents are also kept on which cow received what and when so there is never a question on anything.

Sawyer's Cattle

Sawyer’s Cattle

Just as it was at Good Farm (another stop on the tour), the Sawyer farm was clean and the cows had plenty of room to roam. I cannot say enough about the care the Sawyers give to the animals as they monitor them multiple times a day and during calving season it is a 24/7 operation so if a cow of calf needs assistance they are there to help. If needed, Katie even lets distressed calfs into their house and where she can warm them up with extra blankets and a hair blow dryer.

Cal-Ann Farms – The Freshest Basil in Kansas City

Cal-Ann Farms – The Freshest Basil in Kansas City

Cal-Ann Farms in Basehor, Kansas was the first stop on a recent three day farm tour I took across the state of Kansas.  Myself along with a handful of other writers and bloggers were given the chance to visit six Kansas farms over three days and what we saw and learned was amazing. You can read more about the tour here.

This family owned basil farm produces almost all of the fresh Living Basil plants you see in the major grocery store chains in the Kansas City metro.

Jeff and Pam Meyer of Cal Ann Basil Farm

Jeff and Pam Meyer of Cal-Ann Farms

Jeff and Pam Meyer use hydroponics to grow basil, wheatgrass and few other fresh herbs year around without any pesticides. Hydroponic means no soil so Cal-Ann utilizes peat to keep the plant’s roots contained and moist while the plant still receives all its nutrients from the water.

Cal-Ann Farms

Cal-Ann Farms

Cal-Ann is named after Jeff’s parents Calvin and Annette Meyer who originally started Cal-Ann Farms as a dairy.

From seed to delivery to the store takes about 4 1/2 weeks. The basil is hand delivered to most of the major grocery store chains in the area. Cal-Ann Living Basil is the brand I buy so it was such a joy to see where my food comes from and meet the farmers that grow it.

Cal Ann Farms Basil Pesto

Cal-Ann Farms Basil

Jeff and Pam are absolutely amazing and their love for growing basil shows. The farm is organized, clean and there are many measures in place to keep the herbs safe.

Cal Ann Basil

Cal-Ann Basil

Me photographing some basil

Me photographing some basil

I had a great time on the tour and the basil scent was delightful. I’m also excited for a new fresh pesto product coming soon from Cal-Ann. Jeff and Pam let the cat out of the bag that they have been working on a homemade pesto using their own local basil that will be available in stores by the holidays!

Cal Ann Farms Basil Pesto

Cal-Ann Farms Basil Pesto

If you have ever made pesto before it is not terribly hard but does take a food processor and sometimes tricky to get the ratios of all the ingredients right making sure the garlic does not overpower the basil. This product will be a great way to have fresh basil pesto year around without any of the work.

From Basehor we made our way to Olsburg, KS where we went to Good Farm.

SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza Giveaway

SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza Giveaway

spin logoUp for grabs is a SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza Giveaway!

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Bread and Butter Concepts’ Restaurants to Feature Local Flavors With Farm Fresh Week

Bread and Butter Concepts’ Restaurants to Feature Local Flavors With Farm Fresh Week

Bread & Butter Concepts is a locally owned restaurant group in Kansas City and known for great places around town such as Gram and Dun, Ingredient, Urban Table and more including Republica, their new Spanish concept restaurant that just opened on the Country Club Plaza in August.

Below is information from their official press release regarding the Local Flavors Week, featuring farm to table menus at all their restaurants.

Taco Republic Fajitas

Taco Republic Fajitas

Bread & Butter Concepts is excited to announce their second annual Farm Fresh Week taking place September 8-13, 2015. During this week, all of Bread & Butter Concepts restaurants will offer two to three farm-to-table dishes and libations that feature local farms and purveyors.

Being a homegrown restaurant group, Bread & Butter Concepts aims for Farm Fresh Week to raise support for Kansas and Missouri farms, as well as encourage Kansas City metro residents to “go local” when making dining choices. One of the ways we share our passion for Kansas city is bringing local flavors straight to our tables.

Bread & Butter Concepts is proud to partner with over 10 new local farms this year including the addition of beverage purveyors:


Windhaven Farms
Kurlbaum’s Heirloom Tomatoes
Green Dirt Farm
Missing Ingredient
Farm To Market Bread Co.
Providence Farm
Fahrmeier Farms
Burgers’ Smokehouse
Art’s Mexican Foods
City Market
OP Farmer’s Market
Badseed Market
Broadmoor Urban Farm
Norton Farm
Amigoni Urban Winery
J. Rieger & Co.
No. 22 Bitters
Free State Brewing Co.

When: September 8-13, 2015
Farm Fresh Week menus will be availble during lunch and dinner.

Where: Bread & Butter Concepts restaurants across the Kansas City metro:

Gram & Dun
Urban Table
BRGR Kitchen + Bar
Taco Republic
Ingredient True Eatery (Leawood)
BREAD & BUTTER CONCEPTS (BBC) is a locally owned and operated restaurant group based in Kansas City, Missouri. BBC presents modern dining options to the Kansas City metro area through creating restaurants that are relaxing while remaining energetic and exciting. The menus show a commitment to culinary excellence created by chefs whose passions for flavor are comparable to the greatest names in food. Efficient service, a soothing vibe, and outstanding cuisine are to be expected at each of the restaurants: Gram & Dun, BRGR Kitchen + Bar with two locations, Urban Table, Taco Republic, Taco Republic Truck, Ingredient True Eatery with two locations, República, and G.Berto Cucina (opening 2016). Our offices are located at 1201 W. 47th St, Kansas City MO 64112. We can be reached at 816-214-8607 or BreadnButterConcepts.com.


~Giveaway~ AMC Movie Tickets and New Menu at AMC Fork and Screen

~Giveaway~ AMC Movie Tickets and New Menu at AMC Fork and Screen

AMC Fork and Screen

AMC Fork and Screen

The AMC Fork and Screen in Olathe has created a new menu with offerings that are far from the popcorn, candy and soda that used to be the normal movie going fare.

You know we have all been there when going to the movies and trying to struggle with when to have lunch or dinner and still make it to the movie on time. Now, with AMC Fork and Screen you can have both!

The AMC Fork and Screen is family-friendly movie theatre-restaurant featuring upgraded seats with a menu that will knock your socks off as well as a full cocktail bar with seat-side service at the push of a button.

Forget about just limited choices of finger foods for your dining options as the new AMC Fork and Screen Menu features gourmet burgers, fresh salads, healthy quinoa bowls, decadent mac and cheese, tacos and more.

I recently had the chance to attend a tasting and screening event and was blown away by the new menu at the AMC Fork and Screen and of course enjoyed the fun of seeing a movie.

The Chef at the AMC test kitchen in Leawood is always working on dishes that use fresh ingredients as well as keeping up with current food trends which is how the Grilled Chicken Quinoa Bowl made it to the new menu at the AMC Fork and Screen in Olathe.

AMC Fork and Screen Chef

AMC Fork and Screen Chef

This Mediterranean inspired dish consisted of grilled chicken, rainbow quinoa, roasted asparagus, tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh basil and a house-made lemon vinaigrette. The salty feta paired nicely with the asparagus and tomatoes and the fresh basil really added another level of flavor.

Seriously, I cannot believe the dish I just described came from a movie theater! This sounds more like something I would have ate a swanky place on the Country Club Plaza or downtown somewhere. Wouldn’t you agree?

Other items we sampled were:

Wedge Salad Cups: At almost every steakhouse in America you will find a wedge salad on the menu and AMC has taken the steakhouse flavor of this classic wedge salad and wrapped up in a lettuce cup which makes it easy to eat.

AMC Fork and Screen Wedge Lettuce Cups

AMC Fork and Screen Wedge Lettuce Cups

Gumbo Mac and Cheese: The 4 adult mac and cheese creations include traditional, Mediterranean, bacon gouda and gumbo and will bring out the kid in all us. The gumbo had a nice kick with the jack cheese sauce, andoullie sausage and sweet bell peppers.

The Royal Burger: All of burgers at AMC are made of a custom blend of ground chuck and brisket and served on a toasted brioche bun. You can also upgrade to a bison burger for $2. The Royal Burger consisted of a flavorful patty topped with house-cooked bacon, brie cheese, caramelized onions, baby arugala, fig jam and royal sauce. The combination of the smokey bacon, salty brie and sweet fig jam was excellent.  This was my favorite dish out of everything I tried and again, a dish that reminds me of something I would have ate swanky restaurant and not a movie theater. Check out the recipe for this burger below.

AMC Fork and Screen The Royal Burger

AMC Fork and Screen The Royal Burger


After the tasting ended we were able to order an appetizer and entree to enjoy during the movie. I chose the Buttermilk Biscuit Poppers. These garlic cheddar biscuits served with a honey butter are another great sweet and salty combination.

garlic cheddar biscuits

garlic cheddar biscuits

My entree was the quesadilla with grilled chicken, three cheeses and poblano peppers. Guacamole and sour cream are served on the side along with chips and pico de gallo. This dish was large enough to share and could rival any Mexican restaurant in town. Unfortunately I did not get a pic as this dish came after the movie started.

This was my first experience with dining on a full meal while in a dark theater.  I loved the food but did find it a little tricky at times to get my bite just right in the dark.

The menu is served all day long and right now given the hot summer we are having and with a kids menu also available, I am thinking moms all over town are going to love the AMC Fork and Screen.  What a way to beat the heat, entertain the kids and feed them lunch all in the same venue.  I certainly know I would have taken advantage of something like this when my kids were little!

If you arrive early to the movie, enjoying a cocktail at MacGuffins Bar and Lounge is a must! Located inside the theater, this space is great for meeting up with friends or enjoying a drink with your date and  features a variety of beers, wines and specialty cocktails.

Since this was an invite only event the theater was not crowded and I did not notice the servers coming in and out to serve the guests. I am looking forward to attending the theater again as a regular patron to see if a more crowded theater is distracting.

I have two AMC movie passes and a popcorn and Coke pass to giveaway courtesy of AMC.  To enter just comment below If you have been and please share what you liked about it and if you have not been, please tell us why you want to go! 

Feel free to like and follow What You’re Missing KC! It would be  most appreciative! Contest ends August 28 at Midnight.  Winner will be chosen using Random.org and will be notified via email, so please leave a valid email with your entry.

Royal Burger

Royal Burger

Royal Burger Recipe

1 Burger patty cooked and seasoned

2 Tablespoons caramelized onions

3 Thin slices Brie Cheese

1 Brioche Bun

1 Tablespoon butter

2 Tablespoon fig spread

1 Tablespoon Russian dressing

1/2 Cup baby arugula

2 Slices hardwood smoked bacon

Cooking Directions

Butter both the top and bottom of the Brioche Roll.
Toast Bun until dark golden brown, and warmed through.
Melt Brie Cheese over the cooked Burger Patty

Spread Russian Dressing on the bottom Bun
Place Arugula on top of the Russian Dressing
Place Burger Patty with Brie on top of the Arugula
Top the burger with the Caramelized Onions
Place Bacon on top of the Onions
Spread Fig Jam on the inside of the top Bun
Top the burger with the top Bun

Don’t forget to enter the movie ticket giveaway. Visit AMC for more information on locations near you.

In Good Taste,